Grow. Together.


We are multifamily real estate investors focused on generating current yield for our investors.
We buy apartment properties that deliver predictable and stable cash flow over the long-term. We are focused on well-located and stabilized properties that generate average annual cash-on-cash returns of 7% or more. Our investors can expect regular distributions as well as capital preservation and appreciation across our long-term hold period.


We grow with Community
We are a community of employees, of investors, of partners and of residents. We are a real estate investment firm, but we are building a community. When we grow together, we grow better.

We grow with Service
We listen, we communicate, we are available and we strive to deliver innovative service to ensure that our employees, investors, partners and residents prosper as a member of the NewGrove community.

We grow with Discipline
We know who we are and we know where we want to go. Disciplined investment, focused asset management and intentional growth will guide value creation.

We grow with Integrity
The NewGrove community is built upon a foundation of unwavering personal integrity. We do what is right, whether it is popular or not.

We grow with Excellence
If not excellence, then what?

Advisory Board

Michael White

Immediate Past Fund Manager & Senior Managing Director

Harbert Management Corporation

Derek Waltchack


Shannon Waltchack

Bill Pradat


Cushman & Wakefield / EGS Commercial Real Estate

Dixon Brooke, Jr.

Immediate Past President & CEO

EBSCO Industries

Will Brooke

Executive Vice President & Limited Partner

Harbert Management Corporation

Sam Upchurch, Jr.

Chairman of the Board

Oakworth Capital Bank





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